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About us :


 Is to create a marketing scheme that doesn’t allow a good business to struggle due to lack of marketing


 Our people are creating and improving several efficient marketing tactics that help different businesses and the same business in different stages.

We are ELENOR,  one of the top rated E-Marketing and SEO organizations in the region.

Have been in the field since the internet boom in the Middle East, subcontracted by 3 other agencies since 2012 and ongoing today with the recent formal establishment in our New Cairo HQ.

Following the steps and led by our CEO Eng. Emad Samir, a holder of the France Eslsca Management & Marketing Master’s degree and an Ex Marketing Director in Meamar, ELENOR is specialized in the E-Marketing aspect across all channels, starting from the Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) all the way up to the Search Engine Optimization AKA SEO, managing PPC, Google AdWords and creating plus managing Mobile Applications & Websites.

Of Course we help you choose the necessary channels and we tailor specific plans depending on the type and size of your business after doing our full comprehensive and wide-ranging Marketing studies.

Here, Individual advancement comes from merit. Faster than is possible at most of our competitors, we provide our employees the opportunity to move ahead. And since we consider ourselves business builders for our clients and future makers for our employees, therefore all our stakeholders must have values.

Honesty, integrity and reliability are our main three principles in ELENOR, we expect both our clients and employees to cherish and abide by such values.

And doing work in our agency is straightforward and frank. By utilizing the technology and knowledge that our people have we achieve our clients’ business growth and consequentially our own.